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Welcome to my site, get to know who I am, what I do, and what I stand for.

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About me. - According to the web.

Tony Kariotis is a passionate advocate and promoter of Greek culture, deeply rooted in the Greek-American community. His journey has been a blend of media influence, community engagement, philanthropy, and a deep love for my heritage.

Community Builder & Cultural Ambassador:


Tony is at the forefront of promoting Greek culture. He manages the popular Instagram account @Greece, connecting over 500,000 followers across his network to the beauty of Greece's landscapes and lifestyle. His personal Instagram, @iamGreece, chronicles his travels and personal experiences, offering a unique and personal perspective on his heritage. Beyond social media, he plays a pivotal role in community events in the Greek community, further cementing his status as a cultural ambassador.

Greece Media:

Greece Media is a versatile platform dedicated to Greek travel and culture. It offers a myriad of services including custom travel itineraries, an array of tours and activities across Greece, and a community blog rich with cultural and travel articles. Emphasizing deeper cultural engagement, Greece Media assists with Greek citizenship processes, digital nomad lifestyle arrangements, and Golden Visa investments in Greece.


Greece Media also provides marketing opportunities for businesses targeting a Greek-interested audience of over 500,000 followers and subscribers, offering advertising that can reach millions of people worldwide.


With Tony's extensive exploration of over 40 Greek islands and the mainland fueling its content, Greece Media is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to connect with and learn about Greece's rich heritage and beauty.

Philanthropy and Basketball Coaching:


Tony's dedication to his community is exemplified by his involvement in the Teddy K Classic Basketball Tournament. This annual event, a tribute to his late father, brings together the Greek-American community in a celebration of sport and unity. Through the Teddy Kariotis Foundation, which he founded in memory of his father, Tony supports young athletes and students with scholarships, fostering education and personal growth. The tournament is now entering its 16th year and has handed out over 40 scholarships.

Tony also volunteers his time to his local Greek community by coaching his church's youth basketball team. Tony is now entering his 17th season as head coach and has become the longest tenured coach and most successful coach in the church's history

Media Presence and Promotion of Greece:


As a media personality, Tony hosts the Greece Chats Podcast by Greece Media, delving into the lives of successful Greeks around the world to discuss the state of Greece and Greek Culture, as well as their own personal success stories. His work in media is not just about entertainment but serves as a bridge between communities and nations, showcasing the richness of Greek culture and heritage.

Ep! Apagorevete! Gone Viral:

In 2021 Tony went viral on social media with the hit skit series in the Greek community called Ep! Apagorevete! where Tony portrays the old man that stops you to tell you that everything you enjoy doing is forbidden, in Greek "Ep! Apagorevete!" - The series he created along with his girlfriend, Maria "The Nerdy Greek", has now accumulated over 40 million views and has become a catchphrase all around Greece. Tony is usually instantly recognized when walking the streets of Greece due to the success of this series. The phrase has also been tagged onto a wall, as discovered by a street photographer that messaged Tony to let him know.

Media Appearances:

Tony's expertise and passion have led him to be featured in various media, including notable appearances like on the Eleni Menegaki show, reflecting his prominence as a cultural ambassador. Tony was also honored by The Boston Red Sox in 2022 for his philanthropic work.


Each year, Tony explores new parts of Greece, rediscovering his heritage and sharing these experiences globally. His mission extends beyond showcasing the beauty of Greece; it's about inspiring people to connect with their roots and embrace their cultural identities.

Real Estate & Entrepreneurship:

Tony is always working on something new and has a love for real estate investing among other business endeavors. Stay tuned for what's to come.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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